Following my previous post about attending interior design courses just for fun and as a hobby, I’m happy to let you know that the next Residential Interior Design Course, level one will start on the 17th of March, at DUCTAC and it will be every Saturday for four weeks. At the previous course, I met some “students” and each of them had a totally different reason to attend it.

Diane Hamilton is from UK and has three children of school age: 14, 7, 6. Since she had the two youngest, she has never been back to her full time job in the banking industry. They have been living in Dubai for 4 years and they will move back to UK in two years time. As a family, they moved around many times and she had to deal with different types of houses, buildings and furnishings and she always liked to do it properly. She intends to do all the levels of the Residential course and get all the qualifications so once she’s back to UK to start working immediately.
Stephanie is 30 years old and a freelance hair stylist. She was doing the course as a hobby, enjoying it and intend to do all the levels. She sees it as a complement to what she already does. It really fits with her artistic personality. Her fiancee and herself just bought a property off plan and she plans to do the interior design for it. It will be her first project. If opportunity arise, maybe she’ll work in the field. For now, she just want to learn for herself, how to position the furniture, art work and accessories in the house.
Varsha is 39 years old and has one daughter of three years and a half. She is a qualitative researcher and has a kids research agency. Her husband is already into the interior design business: he imports from Europe furniture and wall panels and sell to architects. Now she want to add interior design consultancy as a service offered by his company. “I want to put my research skills to create a new service in Dubai and in the same time to help the architects. This is important to me because this way I can help my husband and have a flexible job to look for my daughter” says Varsha.

Mumta has one son age 14 and moved to Dubai from India just one year ago. She used to work in the banking industry, in the mortgage and insurance field but for the past six years is a full-time mum. But with a teenager son who doesn’t depend on her so much anymore she started to look to do something more creative, exploring the options and found this interior design course. She didn’t t want to enroll in a full-time course at university she wanted just something easy to get the basics and she’ll. Mumta is looking at the possibility to do some freelance job in the field but she started mainly to acquire the skills. “For sure I’ll use my knowledge with family and friends and then deciding if to move ahead as a small business” she says.
And there are so many other reasons out there why to attend an interior design course. What would be yours?
Full Circle Design course details:
Residential Interior Design Level 1 (Entry level for beginners)
March 17th – April 7th
9.00am -1.00pm every Saturday for four weeks
Venue is at DUCTAC, Mall of The Emirates
Cost is 1890 Dhs (incl 5% VAT)
For details and registration, contact please contact Vanessa, by email or telephone 04-4449567 / 052-4221670.
*This is part of a collaboration with Full Circle Design