I think this blog post is for both Asian cuisine lovers but also for those who still yet to discover it. I remember that for years my experience was reduced to Chinese food. Then, I was introduced to Thai food that I enjoy as much as the Chinese one. Since I moved to Dubai, I’ve got the chance to discover the other Asian cuisines, being spoiled for choice. But what about to have five Asian cuisines in one place? The Asian5 restaurant serves food from China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. To be more specific, it’s about “street food” so you can try the traditional and the most beloved dishes from every country. A full 5-countries culinary journey in one place where “The streets of Asia are our source of inspiration, they are our role models”.

Starters at Asian5

I and my husband had a lovely dinner at Asian5 in Al Murooj Complex, trying the new menu prepared by Chef Svet. We decided to go for starters from Chinese cuisine, namely Gyoza (pan-fried chicken dumplings) and Shumai (steamed chicken or prawn dim sums). I just love dumplings and dim sums and I can eat only those for the whole meal not only for starters. Gyoza and Shumai prepared by chef Svet were really delicious with a soft texture but yet to be able to taste the ingredients. I really liked the presentation of the dishes, being brought in two wooden baskets, on a green leaf.

Main courses that we tried

What I like most about Asian food is that you can share. If you are a party of several people, just everybody orders one dish and then share. It gives a unique feeling of closeness. And it’s not only about the starters but about all dishes from a menu. Therefore, after we shared Gyoza and Shumai from the Chinese cuisine, we went for the main courses: Nasi Goreng, Indonesian dish of fried rice with satay, fried egg, nuts and sambal sauce, option with prawns or chicken (we went for prawns) and Chicken Teriyaki Noodles, a dish available on “Order off the map” section, as teriyaki has its origin in Japan. For those who don’t know teriyaki is a cooking technique used in the Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled or grilled with a glaze of soy sauce, mirin (a type of rice wine similar to sake) and sugar.
We also had Som Tam, a Thai salad made of shredded green papaya, dried shrimps, chillis, garlic, tomatoes, lime and roasted peanuts and Kangkong, a very popular Asian vegetable dish made of water spinach (deep-fry or stir-fry) very common from the Cantonese cuisine to the Indonesian one. Mind that this is a main course so better have some starters if you decide to go just for one main course as you might leave the table very hungry. Expect the Thai salad not to be as spicy as “Thai spicy” but, of course, you can ask to be as spicy as you want. It’s for the first time when I tried Kangkong and really liked it. Besides the fact that I’m a spinach lover (my kids can’t stand it, as most of the kids at their age) I really enjoyed this dish as it is cooked enough to be soft but not watery and it also was warm at the ideal temperature, neither hot nor cold.

Desserts and drinks

Finally, believe it or not, we had room for dessert. We always try to leave room for dessert, as little as possible though. So, we had the restaurant’s special, Fried Banana Wontons, with caramel, roasted peanuts and homemade coconut icecream. Happy to share the dessert, we had two perfect crunchy wontons each, very well complemented by the coconut icecream and the caramel sauce. During the meal, we had the house homemade ice teas: hibiscus and lemongrass. Lightly flavored, they are ideal if you don’t want to drink just water but in the same time not a very strong juice.

About Asian5

I was there just with my husband but the restaurant is kids friendly. I can say that very friendly as they have a wall where kids can write on. Isn’t it amazing as usually, we don’t let them do it at home let alone in a public place? The design of the restaurant is also minimalist, Asian style, but at the same time chic, showing that is a restaurant not fast food. Downstairs, there is the kitchen and they also have a terrace outside for wintertime. Upstairs, it’s the main sitting area, but a very cozy one. With separated tables for 4-6 people, but also with an island with benches where a party of 16 people can sit (eight on each side). There is also a bar-type setting with high stools if you like a higher seat. What I loved about the restaurant is that you can feel there like dining in your own dining room. They have a small library with books and magazines and a Monopoly game. Isn’t it wonderful to have dinner with friends and play Monopoly at the same time?
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Takeaway and opening timing

Asian5 is open for takeaway and the food can be ordered through UberEats, Zomatoand Talabat. All food prices are between Aed 8 and Aed 35, so real street food prices.
Contact details and hours of operations:
Al Murooj complex is near Dubai MallDubai, UAE Locate04 325 99 5511:30am to 12:00am on weekdays11:30am to 01:00am on Thursdays and Fridays.
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