I think I can safely say that Dubai is the city of brunches. From the cheapest one, around AED 100 per adult to the most exquisite ones that can go up to And 700, there is something for everyone and if you have the budget, you can go to a different one every Friday all year long. For us, is still important to be a kid-friendly brunch meaning to have very good kids entertainment so everybody in the family can enjoy it. Last week, we went to The City Brunch at Westin Hotel, Al Habtoor City.


Brunch with kids

The City Brunch is on the 1st floor, in a huge area that is actually divided in three: registration and waiting area, in the middle, a big room to the right with the kids corner and to the left, the main room with all the food displays. If you go with kids, make sure you ask for your table to be in the room with kids corner, especially if the kids are small. Otherwise, might be a bit complicated to supervise the kids and enjoy your brunch from the big room. I said “kids corner” before, but it’s actually a large area with different activities: coloring, face painting, building blocks, arts&crafts, and even a TV corner. I was glad to see that a small number of kids paid attention to the tv corner and those who did, was only for a very short time. The kids have their own buffet with their favorite food: pasta, French fries, mini pizza and many sweets and shapes of their favorite cartoon characters. There is also a pizza station and after 3.30pm, the kids make their own pizza, guided by a chef. I can assure you that for three-four hours, you even forget you have kids.

The City Brunch

Now, going back to the adults’ brunch, the offer is fantastic with a variety of cuisines and specialties. Right at the entrance is the grill stall and I had here the best chicken wings in bbq sauce and spare ribs. Actually, I could have eaten just those for the whole brunch as they were absolutely delicious. The ribs were literally melting in my mouth. The cold mezzo corner, predominately Arabic cuisine, has everything for everybody and I was happy to find the stuffed vine leaves, my favorite for starters. Also, there is a “Raw” corner with all kinds of salads. I think that The City Brunch has the best Seafood corner I have seen experienced so far. The offer was amazing with mussels, calamari, shrimps, raw salmon.
Also something to be noticed is the “it’s Pimm’s Time” counter, right near the entrance and the drinks were available in different spots of the brunch area, even with self-serving. I was glad to discover the sushi, the Indian and the Chinese cuisine. I went for some classic sushi and sweet and sour chicken with rice. The kids love Asian food and anything containing rice (being supervised by a Phillipina nanny says it all).
I was also impressed with the bread and pastry corner. I wish I could eat more but I managed only to taste some of the pastries. The bread is fresh and in a large variety, I even got the breadsticks that I didn’t touch in years.
Of course, you must leave room for dessert as it is plenty. There is everything for every single sweet tooth in the room: cakes, mini-cakes, cookies, fruit tarts, jelly, meringue, ice cream, marshmallow and chocolate fountain. I always go for something with chocolate, usually a mousse and mini-cake, and fruit tart.

Timing, prices and contact details

I know that usually in summer, the brunch season is over but The City Brunch will continue. So, if you are staying here, you might as well enjoy it. The prices are as following: AED 250 – inclusive of soft drinks, AED 345 – inclusive of house beverages and sparkling wine, AED 135 for kids between 5-12 years old, FREE for kids under 5. For reservations, call 044355577 or email at dining.ahc@marriot.com.
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