The brunch season is in full swing now and every restaurant in the city, big or small, has it as it is a must in Dubai. Friday is for brunch and if it is not every Friday at least once a month people attend a brunch. It definitely has to be part of your budget when you set it up at the beginning of the year. The challenge comes when there are kids and the selection shrinks a bit as the venue needs to be very kids friendly with entertainment, kids corner etc. even better if it has kids’ food stations.

Friday Farmers Brunch

There are already some famous kids-friendly brunches around and we decided to open the season with the Friday Farmers Brunch from Al Forsan Restaurant at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa.
We haven’t been at Bab Al Shams in years now and I was glad to hear about their new brunch. Lucky us, it was the Halloween theme one and we had more than a regular experience. Kids just loved the decorations of ghosts and pumpkins and there was even a competition to guess how much two enormous pumpkins weigh. Well, we were far from the answer but they were very heavy: 84 kg both of them together. Just for this particular brunch, the kids helped in making mozzarella and we all watched how that cheese stretched reaching even two meters long. Of course, the kids’ favorite (and not only theirs, to be honest) were the cakes and cupcakes all decorated in Halloween theme. So we ate brains, spiders and cobwebs, ghosts, graves etc. The pastry chef had a difficult job but he made it and the whole team deserve a cheer for the cakes decorations.

Food we enjoyed

Leaving Halloween aside, the Friday Farmers Brunch is one of the tops I have attended so far, from food presentation to how delicious it is. I really enjoyed the seafood cocktails from the Mediterranean cuisine and all the Arabic specialties. I have a soft spot for cheese so I didn’t leave until I tried all the cheese types and everything that contained cheese, including the mozzarella that my girls helped with. Oh, and I’m also a bread lover and I had till the last crumb from every type of fresh bread there. Believe it or not, but outside there were no less than 12 live cooking stations, preparing chicken screws, kofta, short ribs, sausages, stakes, you name it and was there. The kids have their own corner where they can get the food they want, including the kids’ favorites: chicken nuggets, hot dog and French fries. And no worries if the kids drop the plates on the floor, they are unbreakable and have the cute Paddington bear on them. Regarding the food, I’ll let also the pictures to talk about it.
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What kept the kids busy

At Friday Farmers Brunch, you don’t have to worry about the kids at all. The entertainment for them is fab, keeping them busy the whole afternoon. There is a tent with art and craft and, of course, face painting cannot miss. But being at Bat Al Shams, the advantage is that they have pony rides and camel rides. Parents are welcome to ride the camels, too. For the little ones with a passion for golf, there is a session of mini-golf challenge. My girls are not into it so I cannot say much about it but they loved the magician and he even came to the tables and perform for the kids while they were eating.
For those who haven’t been here yet, Bab Al Shams resort is far away in the desert, creating a wonderful oasis, with an exquisite hotel, a wonderful swimming pool and many outdoor activities to enjoy. It is very suitable for families with kids who love nature and like to try new experiences. But whoever went to Bab Al Shams will always come back.
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