Beverley started to practice osteopathy in Dubai twenty six years ago when many people from this area had never heard of it and knew nothing about it. However, being young and enthusiastic, she was determined to educate the public what Osteopathy was all about and the benefits of having this kind of treatment.

Beverley grew up in Doha, Qatar but because in those days there was no education available in English after the age of 10, her parents were left with no choice but to send her and her younger brother to boarding schools in the UK. It was challenging and fascinating for them both but at the same time being away from home but at such young ages was not ideal. When she turned fifteen, her parents moved to Dubai so she spent all her holidays here. She trained as an osteopath at British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London and after this she decided to move back to Dubai and start practicing here.

It was a hard time as Osteopathy was a novelty in the area and she mostly built her up her patient base as a result of word-of-mouth. Also as she worked in a medical clinic, the referrals she was given by the Doctors there were a big help too in the early days. She worked in her first clinic for two years while she got married and had her first child…out of five! She has never given up work and as she always breastfed her children she decided to move to another clinic that offered more flexibility in the consultation hours and she continued to work there for fifteen years. Dubai was small at that time so she was able to live nearby and run home during lunch time to breastfeed or pump the milk. She got help from a nanny that was part of their family for a long time. Without her support it would have been very difficult as at that time Beverley worked a 6 day week with only Fridays off. Whilst Beverley dropped the children to school each morning, she considers herself “lucky” as their father is a teacher finishing work around 3.00pm. Therefore he is able to collect them from school each day and still does for the younger two aged 13 and 15 years old.

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Curious what one could do with the kids in the old times when there were no shopping malls? Living in Jumeirah, they were always at the beach. Wild beaches as nothing was in place at that time. They were visiting the “old Dubai” taking an abraa on the creek. Safa Park was one of the main destinations for the weekend and they were also members of the Country Club (that doesn’t exist anymore) and Dubai Offshore and Sailing Club (DOSC) where most of the outdoor activities were in place. In summer holiday time they always were travelling for one month and the kids were going to summer camps for the other.

Even though she didn’t agree given her own experience, all three of Beverley’s older kids decided to go to boarding schools in UK. Her eldest daughter is now a Behavioral Therapist and has worked in Dubai for the past three years, coming back, like her mother, straight after graduating from her masters. Her second son decided to stay in UK but her third one came back as well and now he works as a Business Developer for Flip Out trampolining venue. But Beverley is keen to convince her youngest children not to go to boarding school when the time will come for them to choose.

Osteopaths are widely known for treating the common bad back but their scope is much wider than that. They treat very common and disabling problems of neck, back, joints and muscles. Beverley also works a lot with pregnant women, helping them both before and after the delivery. She can also help to prepare for the next pregnancy. Let’s not forget that during a pregnancy, the body has to carry up to 4kg, if not more, of baby, waters and placenta, which can impose physical strain on all the organs and tissues. Seeing an Osteopath during your pregnancy is highly recommended to release and re-balance tensions without force. The latest technique is “Cranial Osteopathy”, a gentle but powerful system which uses the cranial rhythm for evaluation and treatment. Osteopath’s can detect abnormal tension within the musculo-skeletal system and use extremely gentle manipulation in order to ease the body into better working order.

Of course, her knowledge helped Beverley throughout all of her own five pregnancies and she has always enjoyed treating and helping other pregnant women to benefit from her expertise and experience. I wouldn’t questioned her advice!

Beverley Palmer has her practice now at Keith Nicholl Medical Center, villa 610B Jumeirah beach Road, Umm Suqueim Road 1 and she can be contacted for appointments on 04 3941000 . Her kids kindly helped her set up her business page:

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