I think that mobile devices are the worst nightmare of any parents. From smartphones to tables and iPads, we are all trying
To be honest, I’ve never heard of The American Girl before and in the beginning, I couldn’t really understand what it is
I totally know and understand that everybody is different but still I would have expected or like to be more similarities between
December is a month of celebrations and most of us get very excited to put up the Christmas tree as soon as
Sending the kids to nursery proved to be a real challenge for me. No, not emotionally, as I was able to see
We visited Orbi Dubai and we had a great time exploring nature in a high-tech version. We found out a interesting facts
Kamal Dasani, mother of twins and Dubai based Senior Occupational Therapist, tells us her story, how she came to Dubai and how much
What we liked and still like is that Little Explorers is an edutainment center, combining education and play, not just a play
Beverley Palmer Osteopath at Keith Nicholl Medical Centre treats lots of new mums and this is what she has to say about
I don’t think we have enough Tripp Trapp chairs in the house. We need at least one for every family member and
We launched a new competition for DubaiMums. We partnered with YaYa Multi+Minereals and we give away 3 bottles each for 4 mums.
New Kids Friendly Organic Brunch In Town At Suk Restaurant We are very happy to discover a new kids friendly brunch in
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