As I mentioned on our new website, we want this to be about mums in Dubai and written as much as possible by them. That’s why we add “say” in title because that’s what we intend to do: to ask you, Dubai Mums, what do you think about…?

And because we are running a very successful competition for STACK Dubai 2016, the biggest Lego event for kids and adults, we asked the mums why would they like to win this competition? We have 10 tickets to give away for this event!!! The only place in Dubai where you’ll be able to buy Lego with 10% discount on the day of your visit!

We selected ten random answers from almost 100 we have received so far.

Helene Helffer Klein tells us on Facebook: “I want to win so I can send my hubbie and two boys stacking Legos all day. I can then have a great day to myself, probably pampering or doing all the things I can’t do during the week. And at least I won’t be stepping on any of the pieces…”

Virginie Delplace also says on Facebook: “My 5 years old son is crazy about lego, and this is brand new. He is sleeping with the miniatures, taking them to the swimming pool, school ( in his short pocket for me NOT to notice it) bed etc… he has just selected all the lego he would like Father Christmas to bring him. Going to this event with his 4 years old sister, together with their dad will be the best birthday present he could get for his 6th birthday present which is on the 5th of December.”

Mena Wahby writes to us also on Facebook: “I can just see the grins on their faces. There are 3 hard core lego nuts in this house. My husband is as big a fan, if not bigger, as both our sons. So much so, I would challenge anyone to find a Lego free room. Little Lego people live among us in little houses. They drive little cars and have very real lives. Thing is, I’ve been so busy lately, that these tickets would make me, once again, the best mom and wife on earth. I would get to firmly plant myself back on that throne I so rightly deserve. 😊”.

@thediaryofamom says on Instagram: “Would love to go because this will be once in a lifetime experience and my daughter 👧🏽 would love it”.

@its_miaaaaaaaaa also comments on Instagram: “Lego has been entertaining and growing with our family for generations now… It was the main reason why I managed to part from my beloved pacifier. All my dad had to do was just promise me a bigggg red bucket!!! Having a themed park in Dubai is like a childwood dream come true and that is an experience I would cherish and absolutely would love to share with my little family (hubby and almost four year old boy). 🎉”

@razusam on Instagram: “For a mom, her kids are her life!! Her happiness, her smiles and everything lies in her kids.. for a simple smile of her kids, this mom is ready to sacrifice anything., her time, her hobbies, her career..just fir her kids.. and the love of her kids lies in this “LEGO”. Their only wish every time is lego.. what else would be more precious for them, than this day filled and surrounded by their little friends… lego… this mom of 4 along with her better-half wanna treat their kids with this surprise visit to the worlds best ever event which they will label it!! Tagging all mums who would equally be excited for this!! And i am sure almighty is gonna give me this chance, ان شاءالله . As it is said, prayers/duaa which arise from deep inside the heart are never rejected!!”

@y.zarina on Instagram: “Firstly would like to thank you giving us this opportunity. My two son are a big fan Lego and I just love watching both my son building and creating their own imagination and having good time together. So i just want to win and add to their lego collection.”

Birgitte Søndergaard on Facebook: “Of course we love Lego. We are from Denmark. We play Lego and duplo every single day and have for a fortune in our house. We still have the Lego from our daughters and it’s almost 30 years old. At that time the girls series was called belville. I will go with my grandson and my husband. Before we leave Dubai end of this year”.

Mariam Farag on Facebook: “I have been traveling non stop with work that my two sons and husband feel my lonely and neglected! I try so hard to make it up when I’m back but I always get the face of you are not around therefore you don’t love us and it kills me to pieces that they don’t know I think of them every minute of every hour when I’m away. Winning those tickets would not only bring joy to my two boys who love lego, but also will reunite us as a family of four again in a enjoyable activity where we can all build our lego of love for the family”.

Juliet Fenty Gerbich on Facebook: “I would love to go as my son hubby and I love to build lego. My son Jake would have a fantastic time making new creations”.

We receive comments every day and there are 4 more days to go. Visit DubaiMums facebook page and comment under any post about our competition or visit @dubaimumssay account on Instagram. Don’t forget to followe our pages and tag as many friends you know would like to go to STACK Dubai 2016.

Dubai Mums STACK Lego
Dubai Mums STACK Lego
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