I always say and do my best to support the local businesses. This time is about the The Camel Soap Factory.
I met Stevie about eight years ago, in Dubai seems like a lifetime. She was selling her soaps made of camel milk mainly at ARTE exhibition. Since then, the soaps were the best and most awaited presents for our family back home and always suggested them as souvenirs. They ticked all the boxes:
*Local and authentic
*Good for anyone, no matter the type of skin.

The Camel Soap Factory

Today, I’m happy to support this local business, The Camel Soap Factory, even more by being one of its brand ambassadors.
I followed Stevie’s journey, from selling to a small table to being present in supermarkets and gift shops, to opening a factory and now being present abroad in Asia and Northern Europe (mainly Scandinavia and Germany). Not to mention the many awards she won along her entrepreneurship journey that give credit to such a wonderful initiative to promote not only a local product but, why not, tradition.
Why camel milk? Because the Bedouins used the fat and camel milk for thousands of years to protect from the sun. The B and C vitamins, the iron content (ten times more than in cow milk) and the lanolin helps with softening the skin, keeping it supple, smooth and preventing wrinkle. From gifting to daily use, camel milk soaps are now part of our life and if you haven’t discovered them yet or want more, there is a 25% discount on all the facial products. Check this link and just enter the CamelMilkClean discount code. Now, they travelled with us to Bucharest 💗
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