Friday is not your brunch day? Why not try on Saturday. Every week, Yalumba Restaurant at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre (near the Airport) hosts The Yalumba Saturday Family Brunch. Note that the day we went there was the celebration of Australia’s national Day, hence the decorations. And by family means that kids have plenty of entertainment. Yes, I know I write about a brunch but I really have to start with this as it is absolutely amazing.

Kids Activities

First thing first, before even looking at the food, my girls went to decorate cupcakes. Yalumba is very well equipped with chef hats and aprons for the little ones. So, here they are ready to embrace the job. They had plenty of toppings to chose from so they made two for them and one for me. Win-win situation as they did something fun and in the same time they prepared their own deserts. Of course, then I had to have a word with them not to start with the cupcakes but with “real food”. After that, my youngest continued her chef career and moved to the dough table to make pasta. A lot of fun to make all those pasta sheets but that was just for play and didn’t end up as a real dish. The older kids are also allowed in the baking area where they can make their own pizza. There is also a large area with small tables and chairs where kids can sit and do some coloring and at some point a magician showed up and hocus pocus abracadabra kept the kids busy for another half an hour. I was very glad to see that even if there was a TV there, just one or two kids sat and watched and even them just for a short period of time. Why would they watch tv when they can decorate cupcakes or make their own pizza, right?

Let’s talk about the food at Yalumba Saturday Family Brunch

Now, let’s talk also about the food. I can safely say that the selection is large enough to cater for all.I really liked the sandwiches that are very suitable for kids. Just put some on a plate and take them at the coloring table. There are also the all time kids favorite chicken nuggets, mini hotdogs and burgers. The roast area is quite limited but enough to enjoy some roast beef and lamb. There were also some delicious chicken in bbq sauce as well as roasted vegetables. The grilled salmon was absolutely delicious and I enjoyed all “the meat” dishes with my own crafted salads.
The Asian cuisine is represented as well, with food from sushi and dim sum to mutton korma and fish curry. There are also vegetarian dishes: vegetable moussaka, vegetable pulao, vegetable kolhapuri or dal makhani.
I couldn’t miss the antipasti stall, the cheese table or the bread one. All fresh, that I could hardly stopped eating but these are my favorites anyway and I can live on them.
As for desert, we had our own cupcakes but I paid a short visit to the cakes table and tested a bit from the mango cake, the cherry crumbles and the chocolate cheesecake.
Of course, I let the best news at the end. The price for the Yalumba Saturday Family Brunch starts from only AED 169 per adult and kids up to 12 years old eat for free. Timing: from 12.30 to 3.30pm. For reservations, call 047022455 or email
There is also a nice terrace for the ones who’d like to enjoy the brunch outside.

Yalumba Saturday Family Brunch

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