Life with kids is… well, we all, mums, know how it is, far from our expectations, from what we remember from our childhood, with ups and downs, but we have to admit that we are happy, we are blessed. Life with kids is actually short as in no time they grow from babies to toddlers to kids and bang!!!! the teenagers are here. To use a cliché : years are short but days are long. Veeeery long, I would say, from personal experience, especially if you had a full single life for longer before and suddenly little creatures depend solely on you and you are the only person that can help.
But as I said, at the end of the day, we are all happy and very proud of our kids. In the same time, our secret wish is to have just some “me time” or “me and my husband time”, with no kids interrupting or to worry about. If “me time” might be achieved somehow, with a bit of an effort, the “me and my husband time” is far trickier as, a more general rule, it has to be in the weekend when both of us are free from work. But also the kids are off from school, nursery, daycare etc. So…
Here comes in Sophie and her Touring Tykescompany. What do they do? They give you the chance to have a Saturday morning without the kids. They make sure that every Saturday your kids will have a great time, in a different location. What do you have to do? Just to drop them off around 9.00am at Al Barsha Pond Park and come and pick them up around 12.30-1.00pm. The rest… is their job. Sophie came up with the idea when she had her first child and running her own business in the events industry, working mainly in the weekends, and leaving her husband to take care of him. Wanting to help somehow, she started to look for events and activities for kids to give her husband alternatives where to go and what to do. And this is the story of Touring Tykes. And you can read more about Sophie in our Dubai Mums Portraits section.

Where do the Touring Tykes go?

Touring Tykes runs from September to June, divided in 4 terms, 12 Saturdays/ term. The program started in September and so far the little explorers had big adventures at Man’oushe Street where they baked, the played the African drums, explored the rainforest at the Green Planet, built a teddy bear, did some gymnastics with My Gym, had a great party with arts and crafts, face painting, singing and dancing at Playdates, made their own candies at Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory, rode the ponies ad Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club and had a full science morning with Mini Professors. Next they had some sports again, learning a bit of football with Soccer Kids Dubai and then that last one is the big party for the end of the term, in Al Barsha Parc, with Superheroes, on the 25th of November.
I and my 4-year-old daughter joined Touring Tykes in their big adventure at Green Planet. We were at the meeting point at 8.45 at Al Barsha Park and board the bus. The “bus of joy” I would call it at all the way there the kids were engaged in singing nursery rhymes and the lovely staff made the whole journey to pass easy. There were some tears and uneasiness from some kids to leave their parents but once the journey started, they forgot all about it.
We arrived at Green Planet and we had our own guides who took us everywhere, making sure we are not missing any spot. The kids had the chance to touch different insects and worms, watch the fish and learn about the rainforest. I think that the main attraction are the two sloths, the slowest monkeys on Earth. Unfortunately, when we were there they were sleeping so couldn’t see them “in action” but one Green Planet staff was there pointing them out to the visitors. Around 11.00am we had a snack break provided by Touring Tykes but kids can bring their favorite food, too. Here I also have to remark how careful the staff was with the kids and made sure they all ate, drank and went to the toilet during that break. We continued our trip watching and learning about the fish and at the exit we were handed in a photo group in a branded frame to remind the little ones about their big adventure.
The next term will be as fantastic as this one. One of the trips included a special Penguin excursion to Dubai Aquarium and many others wonderful activities involving cooking, art, theater, dance, music and animals. Everything will start in December so hurry and book your kids. You so much deserve a nice breakfast with your husband.
You can contact Touring Tykes at 050 343 5203 or

What they say about themselves

Touring Tykes is the Middle East’s first-ever children’s adventure excursion company for 3-5 year old’s, where no two weeks are ever the same. Young minds and bodies need stimulation and exposure to various activities. With so many offerings around town; we tour to all, one week at a time. Allowing the Touring Tykes to find their favorite activities to do, improve their skills, socialize with other children of the same age, have fun, grow AND also allows parents to have some time to themselves as well as work on separation. From: Cooking, Sports, Art, Music, Animals, Exploring and everything in between we have signed up with providers to offer exclusive access and activities to our Touring Tykes! Our teams are experienced with children to make each touring adventure fun and safe at all times. We work with the UAE’s leading School Transport Provider and provide car seats for children aged 3 as required by law. Our Aim is Simple…Educate, Entertain and Enlighten all the Tykes of the Middle East.

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