Fatema was one of the three winners of our competition for YaYa vitamins and that’s how I came to know her story. I was already following her on Instagram @makeupandliterature and I was curious to find out where the association comes from. And here is the story of a school teacher with passion for makeup.

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Fatema grew up in Pakistan and since she was a child liked to read a lot and studied hard to get in the best university in the country, Lahore University of Management Sciences. And that’s how she got in contact for the first time with her future husband, when looking for support to apply to the university, as he was already a student there. Even if they grew up in the same town, the age difference of four years, didn’t bring them together too often, but when it was about the university application, he was glad to help her. Just to mention that there are between 15,000 and 18,000 applicants at LUMS and only 400 are accepted. Fatema was one of them. During her first year, they met again and started to spend more time together. He was already in the last year, graduated and got a job. She continued her studies and graduated in Literature and Political Science. Love was already in the air so after her graduation, they got married. In 2009, he got a job in Dubai and their new adventure started.

Fatema got a job as a 3rd and 4th year teacher at Al Amin School. “I enjoy teaching, it gives me a rewarding sentiment. I can see the results at the end of the day and the kids’ faces are all lighten up. I like to research new teaching techniques and I like the diversity. I have like six or seven classes per day but every time is different. The people I want to impress most are the kids in the class” says Fatema about her job. In 2009 she also had her first child but got back to work after six month only and the baby went to nursery. Now, her son is 6 years old and she has the second baby and gave up the job completely. She might go back to teaching once he’ll turn three and go to school.

But the passion to be surrounded by kids is still there so Fatema started a book club with her eldest son’s classmates. “When I was teaching in Pakistan I created an after school Harry Potter Book Club and it really had a positive effect on the wellness and happiness of kids involved. In Dubai, I looked in the area to see if I can find a kids book club but it was nothing so I started one. I bought some tables and chairs from IKEA, I bought some books and I developed some activities for kids revolving around the book read on the day. All it was on a voluntary basis, no charge implied” tells Fatema. Unfortunately, this had to stop due to lack of space in her apartment.

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And that’s how her online adventure started: with a blog about literature and makeup, her two passions. “The literature part of my blog is about mommyhood and encouraging children (including my own) to read with a recently launched virtual book club called “My Little Bookworm”. Written from an English Literature teacher/mommy perspective. My favorite children literature authors are Roald Dahl, Dr Suess and J.K Rowling. I have gotten non-readers to enjoy reading by reading Harry Potter and Mr. and Mrs. Twits. I guess that’s why I started a virtual book club too because book clubs are magical and they heal and develop kids in countless ways” says Fatema.

“The makeup part of my blog is all about my passion for makeup & skincare. I get excited when I use great products that work and write about my beauty discoveries. I can’t resist a good sale and a new pallet. Love trying new products and reviewing the ones I am obsessed with. I follow the official Instagram pages of my favorite brands to know about new product launches and the coveted 50%off sales announcements. I wear makeup which I can pull off with the rookie skills that I have and don’t try to put everything on my face just because I own it. I usually sport a soft look with a smoky eye and nude lips. I usually use 20 products to get the no-makeup look. I like makeup that enhances my features instead of completely transforming who I am. So you can say I like the subtle, natural kind of clean, no-drama makeup look.” That’s how Fatema describes the other half of her blog and her second passion.

Blogging, reviewing, running a virtual book club keep her busy and active in field she loves. She was stopping at some point, especially with the new baby, but an incentive came: Mumzworld asked her to be on the Mumz Panel so she reactivated her blog. “With my blogging venture I am hoping to get more parents involved in reading with their kids by providing free downloadable books with suggested activities that can be done in a short time with materials already home. I want to make it as easy as it can be to read with kids” concludes Fatema.

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