I don’t know what your buying habits are but for me, I still like to do it in the traditional way: go, see and buy…or not. I am probably the worst online customer as my activity won’t sustain any business. But I’m making progress and from ordering books and dvds more than years ago, I started to have more confidence and buy more online but still in the same range of items that can be easily returned. For example, I have never shopped online for clothes. No, these ones I need to try and check the quality of the fabric.
Some years ago, I discovered the “meals concept”, meaning I ordered a weekly box consisting of recipes and ingredients to prepare the dinner for my family. That was pure gold and helped me through the busy times. But what about for the rest of the meals and school lunch boxes? I kept going to the supermarket especially to buy the fruits and vegetables. Those I really wanted to check them to make sure that I get the best quality. With that in mind, I started to buy more from the organic sections but this also added to my bill. Higher and higher bills for fruits and vegetables but for me the quality is very important and I don’t mind to go shopping in different supermarkets just to get what I like. But, then, how much time do I have for shopping weekly, right? I tried also the online stores for fruits and vegetables with no success as after a few orders I was going back to the supermarkets.

What is NRTC Fresh

I cannot say I don’t like trying if new concepts or new online stores come on the market. That’s how I discovered NRTC Fresh. Actually, the Nassar Al Refaee Trading Company (NRTC) is on the UAE market since 1973 but it was serving only wholesale customers like hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. But recently, they decided to help also the consumers, especially the busy people who prefer to order online than to spend time going to the supermarket. Of course, as a busy mum, this would be handy for me, too, if the quality reaches my expectations. Therefore, I ordered the NRTC Fresh pre-packed box for a family and, to be honest, I was more than impressed with it and with the quantity that I got for AED 160 and it saved me a trip to the supermarket. I got apples, bananas, strawberry, avocado, beef tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, white onions, Romaine lettuce, garlic, potatoes, lemons, white mushrooms, okra, ginger, cauliflower, oranges, bell peppers, one pineapple, mangoes, carrots, spring onion, and big bunches of mint, parsley and coriander (hope I didn’t forget anything). This box can easily get me through two weeks of cooking and lunch boxes.

Competition time!

The company does free delivery for orders above AED 80. You can place your own order or you can opt for the pre-packed boxes.
I am so exited about this discovery that wanted to share will all you, mums! It’s a time saver and won’t compromise on the quality. And I have better news. We have now a collaboration with the NRTC Fresh and we will have three competitions, over three months. Every month, one lucky mum will win one Family Box valued at AED 160.

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