We all celebrate “Pink October” but actually, breast cancer does not happen only in October and we have to stay alert the whole year-round. Cancer, unlike other diseases, does not necessarily announce its presence until it’s too late. that’s why we have to take preventive actions.

What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer?

“Breast cancer typically has no symptoms when the tumor is small and most easily treated, which is why screening is important for early detection. The most common physical sign is a painless lump. Sometimes breast cancer spreads to underarm lymph nodes and causes a lump or swelling, even before the original breast tumor is large enough to be felt. Less common signs and symptoms include breast pain or heaviness; persistent changes, such as swelling, thickening, or redness of the skin; and nipple changes, such as spontaneous discharge (especially if bloody), scaliness, or retraction. Any persistent change in the breast should be evaluated by a physician.

Based on the most recent data, relative survival rates for women diagnosed with breast cancer are: • 91% at 5 years after diagnosis • 84% after 10 years • 80% after 15 years” American Cancer Society.

Breast cancer checks offers in Dubai
Medcare Hospital

Consultation & breast cancer screening starting from AED 299. To book an appointment, call 800-medcare.

Women under age of 40 years
o Consultation + Ultra-sound = AED 399
Women above age of 40 years
o Consultation + Mammogram = AED 399

Valid in Medcare Hospital – Al Safa, Medcare Women and Children Hospital, and Medcare Hospital – Sharjah

Häagen-Dazs is supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness drive throughout October with initiatives to help raise funds for the movement. If you love strawberry ice-cream, then this your chance to support the cause. Every time you purchase anything strawberry from the Häagen-Dazs store, dine-in, takeaway or delivery, 25% will be donated to Al Jalila Foundation for cancer research.

Gargash Hospital have also joined forces with Häagen-Dazs, where all female customers at its cafés will receive free consultations and discount vouchers for treatments. Visit any Häagen-Dazs café in the UAE now to collect your voucher. The offers will include:

  • Free consultation with pap smear;
  • Free consultation with breast examination;
  • Mammography and breast ultrasound package for AED 299;
  • Automated breast ultrasound system package for AED 499
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