To celebrate Eid this year, we partnered with Planet Scribbles and had an amazing GIVEAWAY! 10 tickets worth 125 AED each at One of the Biggest KIDS EID PARTY that will take place at THE MALL , opposite Jumeriah Beach Resort on the 25th and 26th of June, from 5.00pm to 8.00pm. Each child will take away beautiful Eid celebration memories along with a goodies bag and a celebration certificate. To enter the competition, the participants had to: 1. Follow Planet Scribbles on Facebook 2. Follow @dubaimumssay (Instagram) /@dubaimums (Facebook) 3. Sign up for the DubaiMums Newsletter, if you haven’t yet, to be the first to find out about such great competitions: 4. Tell “How you’ll celebrate Eid”. 5. Tag 2 friends who you think they would like to attend the party. 6. Tell how many kids and what day you’d like to attend if win. The competition will end on Thursday, 22nd of June, at 9.00pm. The winners will be announced on Friday, 23rd of June. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The winners are: 1. Pooja Harwani Priya Manglani 2. Asrar Murar 3. Tabinda N 4. Radi Rado Slava 5. Jamila Sherwal 6. Andaa Murar How we chose the winners: we read every post and appreciate all the efforts put in the comment on how you’ll celebrate Eid. “How will you celebrate Eid”? Here are some of the answers that our participants gave: Parveen Sheik “Amazing giveaway and Thank you for the opportunity ❤

My son is 3 yrs.old.and He is shy but he loves to attend such kiddie parties and observe around. I think this will be a great party where he will learn about Eid and celebrate with fun n frolic.

Eid day we keep it simple..get up morning early ,wear new clothes,attend prayer, give Eidya to and their cousins Make sheerkorma with lots nuts (a eid delicacy back home in india) and Biryani. Then meet our friends and relatives,share gifts and wish “Eid Mubarak” We feel happy to celwbrate EID but sad that holy month of Ramadan went and we.all hope that Allah bless us all with another Ramadan soon, Inshaallah! Pooja Harwani Priya Manglani “I will celebrate Eid with my family, my parents and brother came from India to celebrate Eid with us, so we’ll enjoy here too much. I’ve 1 son so i would like to win for him”. Jamila Sherwala “OMG this is such a spectacular Giveaway

This win would indeed be a memorable EID gift for my kiddos…I would Celebrate the auspicious occasion of EID starting first by offering EID NAMAZ ( Prayers ) thanking God for everything which he has blessed me with. Then Will make Sheerkhuma ( A dessert especially made on Eid ) for my family and friends.. Will distribute gifts to my younger ones. Will go to meet my Family, Friends and Colleagues. Will dress up fabulous and spend a quality Time with my family by cooking and eating Delicious food, Going on an outing later.” Rash Ali “This is fabulous giveaway perfect for eid celebration. EID is much awaited festival in our house. After completing the fasts in Holy month of Ramadan we wait anxiously for eid. We buy new clothes for all. On Eid day we go to masjid pray Eid prayers and then we make shirkhumba which is an Eid delicacy enjoyed by one and all. Then we go to meet our relatives and wish them Eid Mubarak too.” Andaa Murar “Wow..its amazing give way. In Eid we go to pray in the morning then we gather all the big family in my mom house, distributing money, gifts, wearing new cloths, actually Eid is to celebrate and what is more for the children to have fun and do activities”. Asrar Murar “I have one beautiful princess we start our day by going at Eid pray. She likes to go a lot there because after pray she spread candies on prayer and she is happy with this. After that we comeback home and having breakfast with family and wearing Eid cloth. Then Eidyeh will be spread on kids and sometimes on adults also After that we want to visit our auntie the oldest in our family and we all meet together at hers and have Eid dinner altogether.”

Tabinda N “Nayel will be celebrating this eid by giving goody bags to his fellow toddlers in family and wearing his new shalwar kurta ( traditional pakistani eid dress) sent by his grand ma all the way from Pakistan.” Radi Rado Slava “By all means would love to win then definitely we will be at Planet Scribbles just now I browsed their Facebook page and their website and must say its awesome love the International Parenting Group, Healthy school Lunch box ideas, the detox water and truly love the International Lazy ‘s mom day it got me dreaming…I wish I could get one full 24 hours ”

Aafia Mubashir “Wawww awesome give away for Eid! I start to celebrate my Eid with first we attend an Eid prayer. After the prayer is completed, worshipers embrace each other and say “Eid Mubarak,” or “Blessed Eid,” to wish each other good will. Give zakat to the poor then we are planning to go Dubai to meet my brother in law and his family. We r also planning on this Eid to go in different places,to meet our old friends and relatives”. Fatema Painter “Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. Like every year Eid we get up early in the morning wear new clothes and go to mosque to pray .I prepare my family’s favourite dishes and call my relatives and friends for lunch we distribute gifts … since here we get more Eid holidays the other days we go out for a movie or a resort”. If you want to attend no matter if you win or not, here is the registration link for the event:

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