As you may be aware that, by law, it is not allowed for any individual/organization to be involved in charitable distribution/collection in UAE. And, one can do it only through a licensed charitable organization like Dar Al Ber Society.
Dar Al Ber Society is the oldest and semi-government charity organization based in UAE. It is involved in charitable activities for the past 41 years in UAE & 43 other countries around the world.
Dar Al Ber Society helps ALL kinds of people regardless of their religion, nationality or cultural background. 
The main focus of the charitable activities is to provide the basic needs of the underprivileged people. The organization helps provide basic necessities like food, water, healthcare, education, opportunities for income generation, etc.
One of the initiatives that Dar Al Ber Society is running right now is feeding the people affected by Covid-19 outbreak for the past 4-5 weeks. Under the initiative, the charity organisation has been distributing breakfast, lunch & dinner to thousands of people, especially to the labourers, every day.
Also, every year, the charity distributes Iftar Meals to thousand of poor people in UAE.
The Iftar meal are distributed to people of ALL religions & nationalities at various locations including labour camps, mosques, etc.
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One of the ways people can contribute in our charitable activities right now is by sponsoring the meals for the affected people, especially the labourers. Each meal costs AED 10/- only. 
The other way of contributing is by sponsoring a food basket for poor families. Each food basket contains foodstuff including rice, flour, oil, sugar, milk powder, etc and it costs AED 500/- only.
If anyone would like to contribute to helping the people in need, please do call at 043523333 or email at and you’ll be guided how you can be a part of this noble cause.
Please note that as per the guidelines from the authorities, Dar Al ber DOES NOT need any volunteers at the moment.
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