To be honest, I’ve never heard of The American Girl before and in the beginning, I couldn’t really understand what it is about and why everybody is so excited about the new store opening. It’s a doll store but more than that. Much more. I entered the store in Midriff City Center and I started to look at every doll, at every book, every accessory and every girl outfit. Basically, it’s not only about the dolls is about the whole education and life learning opportunities behind each of them.

The American Girl is now in Dubai with 4 dolls collections!

There are four dolls collections and each one has its own books with stories shaping a girl’s character, outfits for both dolls and girls and many dolls accessories, from pets to bags and furniture. Every collection has a name and is designed for specific age range collections: WellieWishers (5-7 years), BeForever (8+), Truly Me and Girl Of The Year.
WellieWishers (5-7 years)
The WellieWishers are Willa, Kendal, Ashlyn, Emerson and Camille who play in Aunt Miranda’s back garden. They help girls between 5 and 7 years old to lear about kindness, empathy and the important of being a good friend. They are the first to have their own animated series following their journey and the challenges of their friendship. This collection includes also books, garden-themed accessories and Dress Like Your Doll clothing. The best part is the free app that let the kids explore the WellieWishers world. As my girls are of this specific age, they spent at least one hour playing with the dolls and in the end we couldn’t leave without Ashlyn, the collection book and a bunny. We also loved the pajamas but we left it for the next time 😉


BeForever (8+)
What I like more about this concept is that there is a doll a girl can identify with. There s a story for every girl and doll together. I think that the most interesting collection is the BeForever one, addressed to girls over 8-years-old. It is a mix of characters, sharing stories of historical girls, starting from the 18th century, of different races and backgrounds. This collection is quite big, having no less than nice dolls and stories to choose from.
There is Kaya, a Native American girl from 1764, a nature lover with a big desire to become a leader; Josephine, a girl from New Mexico of the year 1824, always helping the ones in need; Addy, who tells the story of slavery on 1864 and the danger of escaping it; Samantha, who in 1904, fights agains prejudices of her own class and helps the poor; Rebecca, who, in 1914, whats to shine in New York City; Kit is a do-er and everything is possible for her for a better tomorrow in 1934; Maryellen is the always rebellious girl who decides to follow her heart and not the society rules in 1954; Melody fights for equality and justice through her singing in 1964 and Julie is a real fighter for justice in San Francisco. What all these girls have in common? Hope and determination, the power to fight and stand for themselves and their believes. All these messages are shared through the books telling every doll’s story and all the dolls have a historical accurate clothes line, accessories and furniture. And again, the girls can wear similar outfits with the dolls as the old is reflected in the modern cloth line.
Truly Me
TrulyMe collection addresses also to girls age 8-years+ is like the most contemporary one as it features 18-inch dolls, accessories, a line of clothing the same as the ones the dolls are wearing and the last trend of digital content. The girls can create and change their Truly Me doll choosing from over 40 combinations of skin colour, eye colour, hair color and style. More accessories can be added as braces, earrings or glasses. Online, the “Fun-spiration” section is updated daily with suggestions for doll activities, crafts, games, recipes or advice. Keep an eye on the stores in Dubai for TrulyMe related events that go through the year.
The Girl Of The Year
Another collection for the 8-years-old and up girls is The Girl Of The Year. The dolls come with a clothes line, accessories and books and they represent the interests of the modern girls. For this collection, a new doll is released every year to keep up with the modern girls’ activities and interests. The collection has it’s own online games and apps, live-action movies and learning guides.

Where to find The American Girl

As I have mentioned before, I really like this line of dolls as books are part of the concept. As much as we love printed books we have to accept the reality that the e-books are the future. And to be hones now, when one travel, who’d like to carry ten books when can have a kindle and download tens even hundreds of books? Looking into the future, The American Girl has on offer over 100 e-books for the little readers.
The American Girl has two stores in Dubai, in Mirdif City Center and Mall of the Emirates.
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