We launched a new competition for DubaiMums. We partnered with YaYa Multi+Minereals and we give away 3 bottles each for 4 mums. Each tamper-proof bottle contains 60 vitamins, sufficient for a one-month supply. Why we chose YaYa Multi+Minerals? Because they are free from preservatives, gluten and gelatin. YaYa Vitamin contains seven vitamins and nine minerals.

As usual, we want to know the Dubai Mums’ opinions about giving vitamins for children. Here are some of the comments from Facebook and Instagram, in our section “Dubai Mums day…”

Cheryl Ciudad Saleem: “Yaya Vitamins has 7 vitamins & nine minerals like vitamin A, B, c, D, E, folic acids, selenium, magnesium , zinc that is essential for growing kids , this would help my daughter to concentrate more on her studies, she will not easily feel tired even how many activities she need to do at school, my daughter loves to sing and dance that gives her more energy , these vitamins & minerals makes her body fight from sickness and would not easily get sick . Helps her for fast development & I as a mother will feel more confident & happy for her total wellness improvement with this Yaya Vitamins + Minerals!” (Facebook)

@stefimiha: “The vitamins and minerals are very important for my naughty 4 years old picky eater 🤗 Everyday is a battle 😬 because he refuse to eat and he eats only his favorite food which doesn’t give him all essentials vitamins and minerals for his body . I guess inside are 9 vitamins and minerals A,B,C,D,E folic acid , zinc , selenium and magnesium😊” (Instagram)

Rizwana Aman: “Vitamins and minerals are essential for growing kids. It keeps them healthy and going. These help fight against the diseases.” (Facebook)

@omisabu: “Thank you for hosting the competition @dubaimumssay Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients because they perform hundreds of roles in our body. It is very important for kids during their growing phase because of its functions like healthy growth and development. Many nutrition deficiency like anaemia, fatigue, Lose of appetite and osteoporosis can occur if balanced diet is not consumed. However#yayavitamins is child friendly because they are chewable ( fruit gums with real fruit juices) free of gelatin, preservatives, artificial colours, gluten free, and also free of nuts, milk and egg taking into consideration for allergic individuals”. (Instagram)

Nilofar Khatri: “Vitamins and minerals are important elements of the total nutritional requirements of your child. Because the human body itself is unable to produce adequate amounts of many Vitamins and Minerals. Essential daily diet for child’s development, my son has a poor appetite and fussy eater because of that he is cranky whole day long YayaVitamins&Minerals will improve his hunger and also active in playing all day long..it was also help his immune system and also his body will fight from sickness..as a parent it a job to give our child best things and Yaya Vitamins + Minerals are one of the best. As child matures, Yaya Vitamins + Minerals is necessary for health.” (Facebook)

@diamundsssI: “I always make sure my kids take their vitamins as they take very little veggies and fruits so the minerals are somehow gonna cover up :)))”. (Instagram)

Zainab Ghazanfar: “Vitamins and minerals are essential for growing kids. It keeps them healthy and going. These help fight against the diseases.” (Facebook)

Mazzy L Calderon: “I am a loyal customer of Yaya Multi+Minerals. It has been my child’s vitamin since we arrived here 3 years ago. Vitamins and minerals portray a great role in every child’s health. It boosts their immune system, keeping them healthy and active mentally and physically. Help them grow their bones strong. YaYa Multi+Minerals has 7 essential vitamins and 9 minerals.” (Facebook)

@makeupandliterature: “7 vitamins and 9 minerals. I am a huge YaYa fan and would love a 3 months supply for my little one. Great blog post too. Can’t eat so many oranges indeed. We need boosters. @dubaimumssay 💕” (Instagram)

Zartaj Shahid “Vitamin and minerals are good for my kids because as we all know kids are so choosy in their eating. Do not take balance diet throughout the day which they need everyday. Vitamins and minerals through Ya Ya Muti+Minerals helps them to be healthy and active all day. So they can play, study and enjoy at fullest. It akso helps to give protection from illness and strong their immune system.” (Facebook)

Two more days to join our competition!!!!

All you have to do is to comment on our Instagram and Facebook posts why you think that vitamins and minerals are good for your kids and how many vitamins and how many minerals are in YaYa Multi+Minerals. Don’t forget to follow our accounts, tag your friends and share our competition! The more the merrier!

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