A Closer Look: IXORA – A Certified Organic Beauty Brand

A Closer Look: IXORA – A Certified Organic Beauty Brand

I haven’t been my Shopping self since Covid started.

I used to enjoy popping into the mall for a relaxing window shop stroll that ticked off quite a few boxes – step count for the day 👟, coffee & people watching ☕, retail updates 🛍️…

Recently, I’ve become more like a member of a SWAT tactical team. Make list. Aim for less crowded time. Procure. Head back.

This week, though, I decided to try a mix of both – SWAT team member, meet Relaxed DubaiMum.

I headed over to Dubai Festival City (at a suitably less crowded time!) and visited a shop I had never been to before called IXORA…and it was definitely worth the visit.

IXORA specializes in natural, organic skin care and personal care products.
They’ve got a whole range of products that can pamper you from head to toe and many places in between!

My husband always says I ask too many questions – but in this case I’m glad I do, because I learnt so much from the visit:

✅IXORA is the ONLY certified organic beauty brand in the region! 🌱
Didn’t realize it before, but there is a distinction between natural and organic.
Organic is not a synonym for natural, it is actually a level above natural. Natural cosmetics are 50-70% chemical free, but organic cosmetics are 95-100% chemical free. That means all the ingredients are grown without pesticides and chemicals. Literally as squeaky clean as can be!

✅IXORA products are COSMOS certified. What is COSMOS, you ask? It is fast becoming the gold standard for organic beauty. In order to achieve this certification, the entire cosmetic development process from growing the actual cosmetic ingredients to the end products final packaging has to meet specific standards.

✅They’ve got SPF40 lotions & creams that can be used by children as young as 6 months. Living in the UAE, we’re always chasing our kids around with sunblock, so it’s great to know that IXORA has products that are clean and effective.

IXORA has so many products that are highlight worthy 🏆 – handcrafted soaps attractive to look at, gorgeous to smell while also antibacterial; shampoos that address all varieties of hair concerns while also fighting the dreaded Dubai hard water hair fall; eyebrow and eye lash growth gels; face masques, creams and anti-ageing serums and even an automatic fragrance diffuser that allows you to manage how long and how much aromatherapy you get!

But decide for yourself. Because they also offer a COMPLIMENTARY 🆓 facial consultation and product application session where you meet with a skincare therapist who will identify which of their products can work best for you.
Just call ahead to book for an appointment, be warned, they fill up quickly on weekends!
Dubai Festival City: 0549959272
Dubai Mall: 0544412088

🎁 Mention DubaiMums and receive a 20% discount on your purchase too!

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