Children’s City – the hidden gem of Dubai for kids activities

Children’s City – the hidden gem of Dubai for kids activities

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Children’s City . This is a hidden gem in Dubai, near Healthcare City. An amazing place where kids have so many things to discover and play that it took us some time to take them out from there. Also, not all the facilities are open but what it is open it’s worth the visit there. It is run by Dubai Municipality and entry is just AED 10/person + entry in the Creek Park. Make sure you have a NOL card to access Creek Park.


In the pictures I posted, we were discussing healthy eating and mainly how to keep a balanced diet. No worries, my kids eat cakes and burgers with fries, too, but everything is in moderation. We read about carbs and sugar and fat and what vitamins we get from fruits and vegetables.

There is also an exhibition about life in the Gulf and traditional clothes. I really like how the desert life was recreated with sand caves, gazelles and household objects. Another popular area is the one about the human body where the kids can explore it and see how the blood is pumping depending on the activity: biking, walking, running.

There is also a soft play area for smaller kids and definitely will go again for the Planetarium.
So many things to discover there and, hopefully, soon, will be fully open.

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