Fixie Cafe, where kids and entrepreneurs are welcome

Fixie Cafe, where kids and entrepreneurs are welcome

Located in Adagio Premium The Palm Hotel on Palm Jumeirah, Fixie Cafe is the chilled-out place to go for breakfast or have a nice weekend family lunch or dinner.

It is very modern, bicycle-themed, with courteous staff and various healthy food options. In fact, they are promoting a healthy lifestyle by offering wholesome food. We tried it out for Iftar dinner while a market with local vendors and kids activities were organized.

Our experience at Fixie Cafe

Children spent most of their time in the petting zoo. There is a fee of AED 25/child and it’s good for the kids to get used to domesticated animals especially if the parents cannot accommodate any at home. For the little artists, there was a painting activity organized, that kept them busy for some time. They enjoyed the bouncy castle as who isn’t thrilled about one?

We sat indoors as the outdoor area was mainly taken by the vendors and had a great and delicious Iftar dinner with all mains served at the table. We had on the menu lamb chops, shish tawook, chicken molokhia and biryani, samak harra, which is fish, and beef kofta. The friendly staff was very often checking on us and the children, offering a great service.

Fixie Cafe is a great supporter of the local entrepreneurs, organizing also pop-up markets, on the weekend. Local vendors can exhibit their items and the cafe’s clients can experience both shopping and dining. When there is no pop-up market, the clients can sit outdoors as well.

We recommend this place for its great food and atmosphere and would suggest that you also take the little walk along the sea which is only a few minutes away.

Menu at Fixie Cafe

Breakfast is served between 6.00am and 11.00am and has a good selection of eggs, healthy bowls, croissants and muffins but also breakfast essentials as avocado on toast, pancakes and waffles. Prices start from AED 40. They offer also kids breakfast at AED 25. But who’s missing the breakfast time but still want breakfast food, this is served till 5.00pm.

Lunch & Dinner are served from 11.00am onwards. Not many items on the menu but a bit from everything: soups and salads, sandwiches and burgers, meat&fish. kids are not forgotten and they can choose from pasta, rice balls, mango salad with prawns and tuna sandwiches at AED 25.

For the parents indulging in some hops&grapes at dinner time, the cafe is licensed so there is a small selection of beverages as well.

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Contact details and Bookings

Fixie Cafe is open every day from 7.00Am to 11.00PM

Location: Adagio Premium The Palm

To check the menu in advance, have a look on the Zomato website or app
For bookings call 04 281 3813
To order takeaway, use:

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