Artificial grass, a great way to stay eco-friendly in this climate and save money at the same time. In summertime, DEWA bill comes higher as the AC consumption will increase as well. Having artificial grass means you do not need water to keep it green and don’t really need a gardener.

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BuzzGrass is located in Al Qouz and works with local suppliers. For example, the yarn is supplied from Abu Dhabi. The grass is manufactured in Cumbria, UK, but the company actually supports the local economy as well. They have 4 types of grass:

  1. Buzz Essential, 20 mm, AED 58,82/sq.m. This is suitable for lawns and gardens, patio&roof gardens, balconies and deckings, play areas, safe for animals and pets (we have two dogs so we must take this aspect into consideration, too).
  2. Buzz Lifestyle Lux, 24 mm, AED 67,03/sq.m, suitable as well for all the above-mentioned purposes. This is a bit more expensive but it’s also thicker.
  3. Buzz Elite, 35cm, AED 77,98/sq.m. This might not work for patio and roof gardens and for balconies. It is very thick and would be great for gardens, big areas.
  4. Last but not least, Buzz Excel, 39mm, AED 79,34/sq.m. This is the most expensive but the softest, it’s like walking on real grass.

BuzzGrass does not retain the water (well doesn’t rain too much here) so no water infiltration from the terrace as it can be drained as usual. Also, the company can come with special machines and clean it once or twice a year but must be a very large surface not like our balcony or our garden.

The installation starting price is approx. AED 22/sq.m and as for maintenance,  all it needs is to brush it properly. The company can come with a special machine and clean it once or twice a year if you have a very large surface area, not like our balcony or our garden.


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