Legoland Hotel is open for business!

Legoland Hotel is open for business!

Hope we are the first to properly review Legoland Hotel as we booked as soon as we heard about it. Actually, it was a birthday surprise for our youngest daughter so she didn’t know where we were heading until we reached there. The hotel is located within Dubai Parks and Resort and has very close access to Legoland through the back. 

Have a brickstatic stay!

It definitely has the “wow” factor as there is an enormous lego ensemble right at the entrance, with a dragon guarding a castle. There is valet parking so just go behind the Dragon, trick him and hand in your car. 

Once in the lobby, forget about the kids as the kids will forget about you. There is a big lego pit with all the pieces needed to build around a wall. This will keep them busy throughout the check-in process. Also in the lobby, there is a playground, mirroring a medieval castle. The lounge area is quite big and accommodates coffee tables. The parents can relax while the kids play around. 

The hotel also has an outdoor pool with seating areas and a splash area. The outdoor grounds are not large, just enough to make a pleasant stay offering a bit of everything: playing and swimming. 

Rooms and Suites 

This is the most important part about staying at this hotel. All the rooms and suites are decorated in Lego themes: Adventure, Friends, Pirate and Kingdom. The rooms can accommodate up to 5 people, with a maximum of 3 adults in a room and the suites accommodate up to 8 people with a maximum of 4 adults. 

Going there with three girls, we booked a Friends-themed room. The whole experience starts from the elevator, which looks like a disco room. The hallways are decorated in according to the theme: on our floor, there was Friends and Ninjago. 

Once we got to the door, the girls announced that we have Mia’s too as we had a kitty paw on the signboard. We opened the door, and …. The whole room is pink and purple!!! On the right side, there is a niche, or “the first room” with 3 bunk beds and it’s on TV station on the wall. Also there, there is a box with Duplo, again to keep the kids busy while unpacking. 

We almost lost the girls there, so happy they were to just jump in beds and start watching TV. First time we stay in a room that has a separate area for the kids so imagine their excitement. The main room, with the double bed, has good size and also accommodates a nice armchair in a corner and a table. The details are amazing and love the colors of the lamps. Mia’s cat was waiting patiently by the door for our arrival. 

The bathroom is small, just with a shower but I love the bathroom products presentation:  all in boxes looking like bricks and actually they are like a puzzle to fit in the main box. 

Legoland Hotel, Legoland Dubai, Dubai Parks and Resort, Dubai mums, LegoOn the room table, a piece of paper is waiting for the kids with some questions to answer (all the clues are in the room) in order to get the cipher to be able to open a seif, located by the door. Inside, we found two lego sets!!! More entushiasm here!!! 

The rooms do not have balconies. 

Dining at Legoland Hotel

At the moment, only The Brick Restaurant is open. Breakfast and dinner are served continental buffet-style while lunch can be ordered a la carte. In the morning, there is an omelet station and in the evening, there is a pasta station. I really liked that the portions are small and everything is bite-size so waste can be kept to a minimum. 

The tables are covered with paper and the kids can color during their meals. The staff is very friendly and would bring anything you want at the table. 

Celebrating at Legoland Hotel

As we went there for our daughter’s birthday, we announced it in advance. One member of the staff showed up at our door after we checked in with a box of cakes and even sang “Happy Birthday”. The most touching point was that part of the staff signed a birthday card for her. That will stay with us forever! 

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