New Children’s Book: Snowy & Zoey In a New World

New Children’s Book: Snowy & Zoey In a New World

We were happy to receive a newly released children’s book titled ‘Snowy & Zoey In a New World’. The story is based on a group of animal friends who reflect on their experiences and share with each other how their world has changed for better or worse since Coronavirus started.

You’ve likely experienced firsthand and also read articles about how disturbing Coronavirus and all its knock-on effects – lockdown, school closures, social distancing, etc… has been, particularly for the kids.

‘Snowy & Zoey In a New World’ presents a refreshing way to look at the ‘Time of Coronavirus’ – one that encourages kids to take pause and consider ways the world may have changed for the better – and from perspectives other than ours.

Hilda Youssef, the author of the books says her motivation to write the book was twofold – one was not to only focus on the bad news associated with Coronavirus, and secondly – she wanted her 10 year old to appreciate that humans have a responsibility to the animal world and by being in lockdown, we may have actually managed to allow the planet to breathe.

Fun fact: Hilda has a dog named Snowy (inspiration for the main character)

We’ve got 1 autographed copy of the book up for grabs.

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