Birthday party at Xstrike! Yes, we did it!

Birthday party at Xstrike! Yes, we did it!

Looking for the most fun birthday party ever?! Look no further! We can’t recommend highly enough Xstrike venue for an adrenaline celebration party!
After trying it out a couple of weeks before, we decided that it was the perfect choice.
And we were not wrong. It was one of the most incredible and enjoyable parties we ever had!
It didn’t deliver what we expected, it delivered more! None of the children wanted the game to be over! None of them wanted the party to be over!
We booked the birthday party for our 8-year-old boy at X-strike on a weekend. There were many birthday parties happening that day. The service and organization went incredibly smoothly! We can’t fault absolutely anything.

Birthday party at Xstrike

Smooth fast registration and care of children. Change into combat gear, instructions and gaming happened with no delay. The kids had a blast.
Parents organizing parties at x-strike should not worry about food or decorations, everything is provided and kids are looked after!
Parents can choose between drop-off or staying over. We had a big table for parents (in our case all parents chose to stay as they were able to also observe the game from the party room 😅). We ordered pizzas and drinks at the cafeteria inside Xstrike while waiting for the kids to finish the game.
While observing the children from the party room (ours was on the 1st floor) we realized that they were totally into the game. And they wanted more! 😂
The combat game at x-strike is done with laser-operated weapons in a battlefield that seems real. It is a completely immersive environment that gives all players the feeling of being in a real-life first-person video game.

Party room and food

The game experience is targeted to 5- 35 year old so both kids and adults can have fun! 😎 Honestly considering an adult birthday party there soon!
The party room is very spacious and decorated in line with the combat game. On the menu there was pizza, popcorn and apple juice.
The service was impeccable!
The bookings are done for 2 hours from which 90 minutes are spent for the game and 30 minutes in the party room. Kids loved being there and we adults felt a bit envious, wanting to play as well! Well, next time!
We totally recommend Xstrike!

Contact details and prices

Prices start from AED 160/person on weekend.
For bookings, call 800XSTRIKE or email

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