Day trip at Rafisah Dam

Day trip at Rafisah Dam

On one of the weekends in April, we went to Rafisah Dam. It was a very short trip as we left in the afternoon from home. It was getting very hot outside so we chose to go later in the afternoon to enjoy the nice weather.

A new highway to Sharjah

Rafisah Dam it is on the way to Khorfakkan on the new Sharjah โ€“ Khorfakkan highway. It was originally built in 1980s and upgraded since.

So, we left Dubai around 2.00pm in the afternoon and reached there around 3.15pm. Parking is absolutely a nightmare so be prepared to drive around or wait until one spot becomes available. Actually, when we came back to the parking, cars were parked outside the parking area so I don’t think it’s too strict there.

Boating on Al Rafisah Dam lake

The plan was to have a boat ride, then a walk and then dinner. However, we did just the boats and the dinner ๐Ÿ˜€ There are several boat options there:
1. kayaking for 2 or 3 persons – AED 45 for 30 min
2. pedaling boat for 4 persons: 2 adult+2kids – AED 45 for 30 min. However, if your kids are over 7 years old, you’ll have to hire a bigger boar that costs AED 60.
3. A “doughnut” boat that can have up to 6-8 persons I think but I don’t know the price for this one.

The ride is very relaxing and in the middle of the lake, there is an island where there is a herd of gazelles. The boats and the vests are sanitized after each trip.
Infants are not allowed in the boats and kids must have at least one suit with them.

Al Rafisah Dam Restaurant

There is also a big playground and a restaurant with a full view towards the lake.
After pedaling, we got hungry so we ditched the walk and set in the restaurant. I didn’t take pictures of all the food but it was delicious and at decent prices. The highlight is the Karak tea that costs only 1 (one) dirham.

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