Taikun – A “Ladies Night” like no other in Dubai

Taikun – A “Ladies Night” like no other in Dubai

Taikun, Ladies Night, Dubai mums, Dubai, Downtown, Vida DowntownEven though we love spending time with our kids, husbands, families, let’s face it: we also need some alone time where we can gather a group of like-minded women and dance the night away. And what better way to enjoy it than by going on a Ladies Night? Free drinks, food or other amazing offers? Yes, please!!! And we are lucky to live in a city where there is a “Ladies Night” happening any day of the week.

#dubaiproblems? Don’t think so!!!

But we don’t go to ANY “Ladies night”, we go to the ones that promise a show, entertainment and dancing…lots of dancing!!! We need to consume the calories somehow right?)

So, if you are in need of finding the right place to disconnect (forget about Covid, online schooling or whatever is on your mind) watch this space for our reviews on the best ladies nights in Dubai and feel free to suggest what else to try next.

Taikun – A “Ladies Night” like no other in Dubai

So, to kick-start the series of reviews- we chose what we think is one place that has some of the best entertainment for the ladies and maybe even gents?

Drum roll please…….TAIKUN

Just a warning- this is not on the cheap side of “Ladies Nights” but totally worth it!!! Amazing food, drinks, show…and if you go with the right girlfriends and right attitude, you will definitely have a great time. Now let’s make sure you get all the details you need before reserving a table at “My boyfriend is out of town” Ladies night (love the name btw 😊)


What makes it so special? It’s a cabaret-style show, mostly addressed to the ladies on Tuesdays, with young men who spend a lot of time in the gym and on the dance floor, giving their best in a 5-10 minute show. Did we mention that by the end of the show they won’t have any shirts on? The gents are on a treat as well with a few music and dance shows. The shows are every 30-40 minutes, starting around 9.30-10.00 pm. In between the shows, there is a DJ playing in the lounge area.

Ladies Night packages

There are different packages for Ladies Night, and the difference in price is based on the location of the table. The menu is the same for the ladies: 3-course dinner + 4 drinks of house wine (red or white). The gents order a la carte, with the minimum spend of the area where the table is located.

The prices start from AED 350 for the tables farther from the stage, in the bar/lounge. Practically, you have to stand up and come in the stage area to be able to see the shows. The next package is AED 400 and your table is in the stage area, on the sides, no need to move for a better view. The most expensive is AED 450 and the table is right in front of the stage, front row. Pay attention that for these two packages and mostly for the last one, if it’s in high demand, might be sold on slots: from 7.00-11.00pm and from 11.00pm onwards.


Reservation at Taikun

For reservations, make sure you book in advance. Some nights are fully booked so last-minute might not be an option. They ask for 50% payment in advance and will send a payment link by SMS or WhatsApp.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday from 7.00pm to 3.00am and is closed on Sundays. It has something for everyone: Parisian cabaret, Vegas-inspired shows, Burlesque, pole dancer and much more. Heard that new shows are in town now!!

Have we convinced you? Book your Ladies Night – “My Boyfriend Is Out Of Town” at +971 4 528 3780reservations@taikundubai.com or send WhatsApp directly from their website.

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