Woo-Hoo, an edutaiment center for all! From 0 to 12yo!

Woo-Hoo, an edutaiment center for all! From 0 to 12yo!

We know that spring break is coming and here is another great venue for kids activities: Woo-Hoo.

Woo-Hoo is an exceptional edutainment center that offers children aged 0-12 and their families the opportunity to learn through play.

So we set off to try it out. We were pretty amazed!

Woo-Hoo is an interactive Children’s Museum located in Al Quoz area. It is open from 10.00am to 7.00pm and has different interactive exhibits and programs to stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination.

The place is very modern and spacious, with minimal contemporary design. 

I think that the most exciting is the Splash Lab. Warning: bring spare clothes for your little ones as the children easily get wet while experimenting with the water. My kids spent a lot of time building water pipes and directing the water through them. It is very fascinating how many pipes one can add and the water still reaches the other end. Another popular attraction is creating a huge soap bubble and be in the middle of it. Of course, bubble play is there and the kids can also experiment playing with foam. Do you know what water pressure can do? Head to Woo-Hoo and see it for yourself!

The kids were also excited by the cave exploration and this was our favourite as well! 😁 The cave is not too big but the little ones can explore while wearing helmets and headlights. What can they see there? Animal fossils and crystals!!! Plus, it is a very very good imitation of a cave. 

If you, as an adult, want to take a break from the kids, just let them in the maze. Yes, it might sound cruel but they can have a lot of fun in there with some obstacles and some games along. Won’t be out from there soon. It’s a promise!

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We didn’t explore much the Toddler’s Treehouse but it’s there with another toddler area. As mentioned, it has something for everyone from 0 to 12 years. 

Each room is designed to be self-guided and easily accessible for children. We’ll let you find out the Havoc City and we post only the pictures to tease your little ones 😉

Our kids spent around 4 hours in Woo-Hoo and they’ve been very excited to discover each and every single room.

For a break and rest, there is a nice cafeteria which serves healthy meals for children and adults. The range of food is wide, you can choose between salads, fresh sandwiches, hot meals and pizza. They also offer a range of fresh juices. 

Woo-Hoo is also supporting working parents (yes, parents, mothers and fathers) by providing a drop-off option for 2 hours, from Monday to Friday, so the parents can continue working from home or from the cafeteria. If you work in the cafeteria, you pay AED 110 for 2-hours of play for one child and a free coffee for you!

In top of that Woo-Hoo offers birthday parties, holiday camps, afterschool drop-offs, parent events and workshops.

A place not to be missed, we are sure you will find it very entertaining and educational for your little ones.

Prices: starting from AED 110 for 2h of activities/child + parent. It’s cheaper for toddlers and infants. For more info, check here. 

Opening times: daily, from 10.00am to 7.00pm

Contact: 800WOOHOO or hello@woo-hoo.ae

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