JBR: Winter Wonderland 2020

JBR: Winter Wonderland 2020

Winter break is almost over but we’re not quite ready to let that festive feel go just yet. Headed over to ☃️ Winter Wonderland at The Beach, JBR ☃️. Turned out to be a really pleasant outdoor experience with market stalls on one end and ‘winter’ activities on the other.

They’ve got a
❄️ Glice rink…ice skating or rather gliding since it’s not ice, but fun nonetheless.
❄️ Snow Hunter – ‘snow’ pit where you can launch snowballs from a giant slingshot which proved quite entertaining
❄️ Snow Tubing – while not from great heights, the attendants do provide some squeal inducing options like spinning the tube as one goes down
❄️ Snow pit – fun of course for snowball fights
❄️ Build-a-Bear stall, just to name a few.

The absolute highlight for us was the digital pavilion which is a 360 degree experience of a Journey to the North Pole complete with an Elf guided visit to Santa’s house and the North Pole. The visuals are so immersive you really do feel like you’re up close and personal. Just loved seeing the wonder in the kids’ eyes and really did feel that holiday spirit ☺️

Winter Wonderland runs until 7 January
Hours are from 12 noon till 10pm on weekdays and 12 noon till midnight on weekends
You can pay per activity, or experience them all thru a combo ticket
Parking: The Beach has paid parking but can be validated if you spend Dhs. 100 at a participating outlet

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