Eat and dance with the Vikings at Viking Restaurant in Ajman

Eat and dance with the Vikings at Viking Restaurant in Ajman

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in the desert, go to Viking Restaurant in Ajman. It is located in the Heritage District, a very nice but small area with restaurants, shops and plenty of parking.

Who would have expected to see Vikings in the desert? Well, maybe not during their time but now, will all the high-speed transportation available, here they are, in Ajman! It is really a unique experience that should enjoy and here we tell you why.

The Viking atmosphere

The restaurant offers a medieval dining experience in an amazing environment. The moment you step in, you are taken back in time, into a medieval inn: from the ceiling lamps to plates and cutlery and the furs thrown on the benches. The restaurant is on two floors and has high ceilings with round iron lamps, imitating the candle holders of those times. The light is quite dim and on the tables, there are many candles. Eating takes place kind of in the dark but it makes it more appealing.

The tables and benches are made of wood and the benches are covered in furs. The cutlery is also imitating that era a bit but the steak knives really look the part.

In terms of entertainment, there are medieval numbers like fire dance, sword dance, bagpipe playing, drums and a kind of modern lute. Just one more detail: the entertainment goes between 7.00-9.00pm and 10.00pm-12.00pm. You can sit at the table as long as you want but make sure if you want a short stay, don’t come at 9.00pm.

About the food and their menu

The food is delicious and served on big black plates, keeping the medieval atmosphere. The portions are quite big so make sure you come hungry if you want to taste everything. There are options like the set menu of 3-course or 5-course dinner (AED 299 or AED 369), Medieval Dinner for 2 or The Feast (which is suitable for up to 8 persons and costs around AED 3,000). I personally went for “a la carte” menu and had the Cheese platter for AED 70 and the Chicken for AED 130 while my husband opted for the 5-course dinner. Yep, he got there very hungry.

From the dinner menu, I would like to highlight the T-bone steak that was absolutely delicious, tender and helped a lot the type of knife that they brought. I really like eating in the Medieval age.

If you go there with kids, make sure you tell the waiter to bring the food for the kids asap. We didn’t and the kids had to wait for more than an hour for the food as they brought our starters first and my husband had actually two starters so they ate bread all this time. You have a big group, better to order in advance as it is possible.

You can check the full Menu here.

Note that it’s a dry restaurant so only soft beverages available and delicious mocktails.

Please also note that a minimum spend is applicable. The restaurant is child-friendly and I’m sure they’ll have a great experience and will ask to come back.

Location and timing

The restaurant is located in The Heritage Village in Ajman. Here is the location on Google Maps.

Timing: Monday is closed. The rest of the days, it opens at 7:00 PM  and closes at 12:00 AM.

For a full overview of Viking Restaurant in Ajman, including menu, location, about the show and their social media, check the link here.

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