Xstrike, a hyper-realistic combat experience

Xstrike, a hyper-realistic combat experience

We had a wonderful experience at Xstrike that we want to share with you! You will be thrilled! 

Xstrike is a hyper-realistic combat experience that uses laser-operated weapons in a seemingly real battlefield. The game experience is targeted to small and big, being played by kids starting 8-year-old to 35-year-old adults and why not, above! 😉

What we did at Xstrike

When we arrived, we registered at the counter and all players’ names and ages were introduced into a computer which automatically selects the 2 teams. Kids were so excited to receive the vests and the guns which were so much resembling to those used by the US SWAT, police force and military. It is a completely immersive environment that gives all players the feeling of being in a real-life first-person video game, similar to the “Call of Duty”.

The playing field spans over 2 floors and contain a labyrinth of corridors and rooms, providing the players with limitless strategic possibilities. There are subway stations, army barracks, a hospital, a police station, even a hotel, all creating a very high-tech war zone.

Where? When? How much?

The whole experience lasts about 90 minutes and includes gearing up, instructions and playing the game. The kids absolutely loved this combat game and they asked to play it again just after finishing it😂. We had to leave but for sure we will be back very soon!

Xstrike is located in Al Qouz, behind Burjeel Hospital, near the intersection with Al Manara Street. 


AED 89 / player for Combat Simulation

AED 70 / player for the Friday After-school session. The first 2 sessions every Friday for the kids age 5-18 years. 

And they have Ladies Night!!!! 

AED 349 for a group of 5 ladies or

AED 89 per player. 

Opening time:

Monday to Thursday from 3.00pm to 12.00am

Friday to Sunday from 1.30pm to 12.00am 

Reservations can be done online, directly on the website or contact XStrike at 800XSTRIKE or info@xstrike.com

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